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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

Hi Helen,

Thank you for clarifying things for me!

Here we go again...the 'medical establishment' decided that because urine bg 
testing was no longer standard, no one would need to use any other sorts of 
urine testing strips??? Urine BG strips are still useful, btw!! They can be 
good for telling if you had a middle-of-the-night hypo that caused a high 
rebound bg by morning 'cause they can tell what bg like was a few hours ago. 
Anyone one on NPH would do well to have some in stock.

I wish I could shout from the rooftops that just 'cause we have instant 
technology doesn't mean we don't need an over-time perspective. What's next: 
saying HbA1cs aren't necessary if regular bg testing is done?! I had to 
argue to have my HbA1c done every three months when I arrived in the UK. The 
'diabetes nurse' in the practice where I am registered looked at me funny 
when I told her last year that I am used to having 4 HbA1cs a year, if not 
5--as if I am somehow crazy to be interested in my health. When I said, 'The 
standard of care to which I have become accustomed includes at least 4 if 
not 5 HbA1cs per year and I intend to continue having A1cs that frequently. 
Will that be a problem?' she stopped looking at me funny and took the blood. 
[Incidentally, has anyone in the UK come across the instant HbA1c machine 
that uses a finger-prick sample? The specialist I saw in Richmond, Virginia, 
had one in 1998.]

I am going to call my GP's office today and ask to have Ketostix added to my 
list. I am NOT amused that I must have a prescription for them, though I 
suppose it's better than *having* to pay. Would that they were available 
both over-the-counter but also for free if prescribed.

God help any of us who happens to be caught without Ketostix and can't get 
them in an emergency. The NHS really knows how to increase the amount of 
money and time that go into keeping type 1s healthy (wait, 'healthy' might 
be an overstatment--'alive'). 'Oh, you can't easily get Ketostix that are so 
cheap they're practically free, but go ahead and develop DKA and get really 
sick and need to go to A&E and we, the NHS, will be happy to spend a few 
hundred pounds sorting you out. What was that they used to say about an 
ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? Tosh!'

For crying out loud.

And then they want to _halve_ some *type 1s'* allotments of bg test strips 
because some *type 2s* are testing 'too often' (personally, I've never met a 
type 2 who tests often enough, but whatever).

I don't understand. I just don't understand!

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; ranting but going to cool it now!

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