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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.
I used to always have ketostix when I was younger and using urine testing for 
BG's, but when I reached my late teens and started doing blood tests at home 
(the first home meters were available then) the doc stopped prescribing them. 
I haven't used them for years and years now. I did ask at the diabetic 
clinics from time to time only to be told it wasn't common place now to have 
use them at home as there was 'no need if regular bg's were done'. I've just 
been down to the docs to ask for a prescription for them. I met with a bit of 
surprise as they're not normally given now! Have to wait until 5pm for script 
so can't get them before then. They are only available on prescription.
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