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Re: [IPk] question - off topic!

Hi Helen,

Get some ketone test strips!! DKA should be a DIY diagnosis--you should not 
wait until you are being carried off to A&E to know whether you are headed 
for trouble. Neither should you have to call your doctor or DSN, as far as I 
am concerned!

Ketones can show up in urine before or in the absence of other physical 
symptoms of DKA. The principle on which the Atkins Diet (evil, evil, perhaps 
the only thing worse than 70/30 insulin!) works is that it causes people to 
burn protein and fat for fuel, just as happens in DKA, but the non-IDDM 
Atkins Diet followers just provoke the _effects_ of DKA by depriving 
themselves of carbs, rather than suffering from lack of insulin to get 
ingested carbs to the cells that need them. I still think that ketones are 
ketones and ketones are toxic: I don't like to hear of anyone I know using 
the Atkins Diet. Anyway, off that soapbox: point is that you can definitely 
produce ketones before you actually have DKA, and you can most certainly 
check whether they are there before you are seriously ill.

General question: is it uncommon to keep ketone test strips at home or to 
know where to get them in the UK? I was under strict orders to carry ketone 
test strips with me all the time when I was younger, and every decent 
pharmacy in the US has  at least several boxes on-hand at all times. As for 
my own use of the strips, when I realised that I seem to have a very high 
threshold for ketone production I got lazy about carrying them. Do I need a 
prescription from my GP to obtain some just in case?

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; amazed at the inadequacy of diabetes 
education in this country 2+ years

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Subject: [IPk] question - off topic!
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 03:45:05 EST
Anyhow, not eating as felt so ill. Kept
eye on BG's, not too bad, but up and down more than I'd like, but not so
extreme. Now still feeling odd, not running to the loo a lot but thirsty, 
very very tired and yawning alot. Could be the symptoms of the meds still in 
me, but could it be ketoacidosis? How long would it take to build up if this 
were the case and could it happen even if BG's were not too bad? (Only ever 
had it once in the past when i was small so can't remember). I know not 
eating properly can bring it on. Had humdinger of a hypo last night (even 
though did eat before bed) which left me feeling rotten this am and hyper. 
Any ideas? Will pop to see the doc or DSN today, maybe.

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