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Re: [IPk] NICE one

Hi Louis

I am glad to see somebody else from the BRI on the list here and yes I 
believe that everybody who comes under the BRI is currently be self funding 
- as the local trusts have not yet been persuaded to pay for pumps or 

If you wish to remain self funding then there isn't any need to revisit 
MDI. The question is would we have to go on to an MDI trial in order for 
the local Trusts to pay for the pump/consumables etc?

Kind regards


>However...... my new Diabetes team at Bristol Royal Infirmary have 20 pump 
>patients, ALL of whom are self funding (according to the 
>nurse....).  During my check-up appointment today she informed me that 
>self-funding pump users will not be forced to revisit MDI using Lantus.
>Well money clearly talks (I am paying for my own treatment, HBa1C's 
>acceptable, let him do whatever he likes with his pump....)

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