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Re: [IPk] Fluctuating BG's

> Hi
> When I moved onto Humalog three years ago, on MDI, I lost many hypo
> >symptoms.  This might, in part, be due Humalog working quickly, and the 
> >body not having the time to respond with its warning mechanisms.
> My hypo symptoms are not KEEN though I am hypo aware.  I've only
> just thought - this is really since going on to Humalog - never
> thought of that before.  I have been running high on purpose over
> the last few weeks to try and improve hypos awareness.  I was
> pleased when this seemed to be working but then had a couple of
> upper 3s and awareness has deteriorated since!

It can take a couple of months to regain hypo-awareness. If you have 
any improvement at all, that shows you are making progress, keep at 
it and you should continue to improve.

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