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Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines

> .

> > Given the criteria we've come up with here, is there _anyone_ on this
> group who would be switched to a glargine trial?
> Do you mean voluntarily?, in order to prove I could get funding
No I'd continue to self fund as long as able
unless I was being offered a generous pay package to compensate for upset
BGs and not feeling confident enough/. having too many hypos to be able to
cope with working, for the duration of the trial

If you mean because I don't automatically fulfill pump criteria yet and
would need trial in order to obtain funding, yes I could see powers that be
insisting I tried it . I had A1c of 9.6 and frequent hypos but had never
presented to A and E etc and downplayed hypos as I felt it was a sign I
wasn't fully in control. So I wouldn't automatically qualify on grounds of
hypos. Could they argue that 9.6 could be improved to 7.5 on glargine?. Or
that I wasn't really trying and should be prepared to put up with hypos as
long as not ending up horizontal. Or that bad control was due to
unpredictability of NPH as opposed to wonder drug glargine, or that varied
basals from 0.4 to 1.1 aren't really necessary........
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