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Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines

> Which I understand to mean MDI has failed if 1)achieving an A1c of <7.5%
> only possible with the repeated occurrence of severe hypoglycaemia, or 2)
> it is impossible to maintain an A1c <7.5% full stop. (That then makes the
> following section on the description of what constitutes disabling
> hypoglycaemia irrelevant.) As far as I can see, there is nothing that
> explicitly states that hypos must occur - only that they must occur if the
> is below 7.5%.
Good comment Caroline
and I reinforce again, a hypo is disabling if you are uinwell for an hour or
half an hour and cannot function noramlly, drive, continue with your studies
or professional responsibilities

( you are talking here to someone with an accumulative over 16 years,
phenomenal number of
 hypos, which have never needed assistance but certainly made me feel lousy,
unable to function, lead to rebounds or overtreatment and high BG and
ultimately a high A1c because I wanted to remain in charge of my faculties
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