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[IPk] Abigail-funding pump again

Yes I would of course fund my pump again but I don't think I could go 
through all the justifications etc again. It has taken 2 yrs of pumping for 
my last Hba1C to come down to 7.1 .I would not risk jeopardising all that 
work to return to MDI. I cannot explain why my bg is currently 13.9. he only 
CHO I had for my evening meal was brocolli which at 125 grms was 1.25 grms 
cho and the unmarinaded roast lamb contained none but I can deal with it 
quickly whereas pre-pump I know I would have been in for days of chasing 
high bgs ending in crashing hypos There was no predictability there is none 
still . The beauty of pump therapy is the knowledge of being in control and 
not the turmoil of uncontrlled highs-funnily enough I was refused Humalog 
when I asked to try it pre pump so I dont know if it would have made a 
difference to treating the highs but it certainly works as a basal

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