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Re: [IPk] I'm connected!

Hi Pat

You've got cats...I've got kids!  Mine have been asking me if they can
disconnect me.  My eldest, Fiona aged 9 even asked me to wake her on Friday
morning before I had a shower so that she could do it for me.  I didn't and
as a result had to suffer her sulking!  Seriously though, this has become so
much easier since I realised that I had to insert the infusion set at a
particular angle and that the main trick is not to squeeze the thing
together too hard.

I realised last night that I could really have done with being hooked up for
real.  I was at a party (no alcohol) and my BS were running at around 15.  I
really wanted something to eat so I decided that I would have a bolus of
Hypurin in my Pen.  However by 11.30, some 2 hours with still no great
affect on my BS's I gave up and had my Isophane.  Consequently on waking
this morning I found that I was down to 2.1 and have since not been below 9
all day.  Roll on tomorrow when the real fun starts.

Best wishes
(iddm 25+ & owner of 2 sulking kids!)

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Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 8:08 AM
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> Hi Karen,
> I know what you mean - it used to take me ages to change the set.
> For months, and still, very occasionally, I missed the presence of an
> injection as part of my going to bed procedures (my husband suggests I
> should replace it with remembering to close down my computer ...)
> But the pen injections have been very much missed by one of my cats,
> Kiwi.  It was part of our morning ritual, I'd get up , sit on the loo to
> inject, and place the plastic outer cap on the side of the bath.  She'd
> sneak up on it, and chase it into the bath.  She knows the difference
> between 'fresh' and 'old' caps, and offered two or three will always
> pick out the 'fresh' one to kill first.  Very occasionally we come
> across a cap that she secreted somewhere in a hidey hole, and she chirps
> with hunter's delight in recognition.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> (dm 30+, 508 1+, owner of Kiwi and Broggy 4+)
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