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[IPk] Confused

Something is a little confusing to me at the moment.  My bloods appear all but perfect over the past 14 days 4 - 9.  However last week I end up with Ketoacidosis.  hadn't checked for Ketones because of good blood sugars, even though I did feel like death.  Last night I went to bed with a good blood sugar 7.4.  Yet two hours later I woke up with a soaking wet bed from sweat and my blood sugar was down to 1.2.  Took hypostop and awoke five hours later to find it was 11.4.  I've had a bug recently and also attended a funeral which incorporated overnight train travel and about 6 hours sleep in 72 hours.  Could this be the reason?  I've not had a "wet bed" hypo since going on the pump nearly a year ago.  Any "Hints tips or suggestions" anyone.

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