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Re: [IPk] NICE

In message <004801c2c547$e6ef7d80$email @ redacted>, Abigail King
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>> I will be attending the Pump Management for Professionals (PUMP) next
>> where this will be discussed. So please let me know if there any comments
>> that you will want me to put forward.
>1.hypos on a very frequent basis are unacceptable even if self treated

>2some people need differing amounts of basal insulin aty different times of

3. some people have 'unpredictable' needs for different basals to a
typical days - e.g. while and after exercising, while ovulating /
menstruating, while fighting infections, while taking chemotherapy, and
so on.  CSII allows them to more accurately match their basal needs to
the basal delivery - glargine is a once-in-24-hrs choice, which impacts
for 24 hrs, the pump is a choice _now_, for as long as the choice is

4. I think some people may find the square bolus or dual bolus
particularly useful.  It's not so much people with slow digestions all
the time - they could use actrapid, or insulatard even to cover their
meals.  It's those who find that _some_ meals are worse than others.
It's not a case that the 'healthy' meal fits the profile of Humalog, and
'unhealthy' doesn't - although many people, like me, will shift the
balance of insulin delivery towards the long term having eaten a meal
where more calories come from fat.  It's the person who sometimes has
porridge for breakfast (needing a nice, long, square bolus), but
sometimes have two oranges and a fat free yoghurt (needing a short sharp
shock of insulin), who finds that 'one insulin' does not 'fit all', too.

4 may be too difficult for 'professionals' to cope with - please feel
free to translate it into simpler language for them.

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+)

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