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Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines


It does raise an interesting point for people who are currently on the 
pump, particularly those that are self funded.

I hate the use of the word "failed", I would have preferred to have seen 
"were MDI was not appropriate" as there are "quality of life" issues that 
should be taken into account or would determine that CSII would be more 
appropriate rather than just having an HbA1c greater than 7.5

The way it is worded at the moment, I believe there would still be a need 
to show that MDI had "failed" but I would hope that could be done with 
retrospective evidence to demonstrate that rather than having to come off 
the pump on go on MDI for a period of time. I would not want to go back to 
MDI, even for a trial period.

Kind regards


>all this retrial of mdi business is a bit worrying esp for those who are
>currently funded and would not be able to afford to self fund
>personally I would continue to self fund, as long as humanly able, if it was
>decided i did not meet criteria for funding, unless a very attractive deal was
>designed like 2 weeks trial, any deterioration in BGs or lifestyle
>flexibility, and any increase in hypos, even ones i could self treat!
>I don't believe glargine would be aywhere near as bad as ultratard due to the
>fact that it is supposed to be predictable , but I would not expect success
>with it unless basals are fairly constant and you do not often need to set a
>temporary reduction
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