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Re: [IPk] Re: Pumpers at Guys

Hi Ian

Are you still at Guy's tomorrow?  I'm seeing Julia at 10am, so perhaps if
your appointment is running late and I'm there a little early we may be able
to meet up whilst waiting.

Let me know what you think.

((IDDM 25y+ & starting to pump for real tomorrow!)
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> It would appear that four of us (Pat, Bev, Karen and me) are at Guys and
> willing to meet up.I assume there are others. Karen - I am also there on
> 27th Jan, seeing John Pickup at 9.20. My last visit was extended by the
> presence of the TV crew and the meaningful discussion about my socks!!
> Anyway - if we are going to get together we need to agree a venue
> near Guys? I would suggest George Inn, 77 Borough High Street - It is the
> National Trust Pub in a Courtyard at the back of the hospital. When I
> started on the pump Dr Martin Wiseman from Guys used it as a venue to do
> experiment as to how much insulin was needed for a serious beer drinking
> session. I also used to meet the late Jeremy Grainger in there ).
> Time - as I work in London, evening after work would suit me, but how is
> that for others? Is weekend better?
> We will never please everyone so this is a starter suggestion!! Please
> other suggestions and see if we can reach a consensus.
> Ian Grant.
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