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[IPk] NICE Guidelines

I have just perused the Guidelines for CSII. I don;t know if any of the 
medics ie Abi and Mary have ever been invokved with trying to implement them 
but the obbbstetric ones were extremelt difficult! When we all finally got 
together to try to make head or tail of them (great fun consultants arguing 
like school boys etc !) we realised that alot of the committee were 
retitired consultants  or people not necessarily involved with current 
oobsetric practice. I wonder if the same applies to the CSII one although 
admittedly they do seem more faniliar and updated with current treatment 
than I had expected.
They are suggesting that established users of CSII be trialled back on MDI 
or glargine?!? Personally I would kidnap my pump and run away with absolute 
terror at the thought. Iremember some years ago being tried on Ultratard 
with MDI I dont know if it still exists but I know it was really 
unpredictable and very frightening. I gues they needed a professor of 
pharmacology of old age on the committee!

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