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Re: [IPk] NICE

> Note no refund for pumps already (and consumables previously) purchased.

Just look at it as an investment in your health and qol. I'm sure when you
first started the pump you weren't assuming funding and reimbursment in the
near future?
> I too have major concerns about one of the criteria for consideration for
> pump being that you must have "disabling hypoglycaemia" which requires
> party assistance. Strikes me that only a diabetic can understand just how
> disabling any hypo can be > which have affected and will shorten my
working and personal life, and which
> could have been avoided.

I'm sure even if provsion is skeletal at first then the criteria could be
expanded , we could lobby
in fact John Davis said we had x time to appeal about FAD. ( Addresses,
contacts etc John?)
is it assumed that everyone
> has flat basal rates? (I am assuming here that the concept of basal rates
> understood by the NICE committee and their advisors...)
I am sure if you have a consultant who is really familiar with pumps then
very variable basals would be sufficient criteria to exclude glargine trial
and fund instantly

BTW. How long would you have to trial glargine for..?
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