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Re: [IPk] Re: various lifespan of insulins

Hi Louis
Oh, I can sympathise so much with her! I was diagnosed at age 7 and was put
on 1 injection a day of a combination of Actrapid and Lentard. I think that
was pretty much standard practice then - MDI certainly hadn't been invented!
I resented having DM strongly as a child and even though I was at boarding
school would always hide the fact that I had DM so as not to appear
different. When I was a teenager my consultant suggested several times that
I go onto 2 injections a day so that I could be a bit more flexible and get
better control (MDI still unheard of I think). I refused point blank. Not
because I minded actually doing injections (though I was using the old metal
and glass syringes stored in surgical spirit at the time, and the needles
weren't exactly painfree), but because I minded the inconvenience - e.g. of
not being able to go straight from prep to my evening meal like everyone
else but would have to go and do an injection and then be late for the meal.
Of course, these days I could have just whopped out my pen and done it at
the table or in the queue! My consultant was a very non-pro-active guy (read
"lazy git") so he didn't pursue it or try to convince me further. It wasn't
until I left school and saw a different consultant that he had a go at me
for "taking such a cavalier approach" and sat down and explained to me why I
really should improve my control by switching to 2 injections a day. Which I
did when he put it like that, and I wondered why I hadn't agreed years
before! Same kind of thing happened when I was halfway through uni and
finally agreed to go on MDI (then under yet another collection of doctors).
Wondered why I hadn't done it sooner, as life was so much easier - and MORE,
not less, flexible. Being a student it was great not to have to have lunch
at a certain time or risk hypos.

I'm sure she would find it easier - perhaps you could suggest that she gives
it a try just to see, and if she doesn't like it then she could always
revert back to her 2 injections a day. I bet she wouldn't!

At the end of the day though, it's her life and she has to make her

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> Abigail,
> what should I say to my friends 14 year old sister - diagnosed a year ago
> still in honeymoon phase, and on Mixtard/Insulatard/Actrapid mixture.  She
> tells me that the consultants keep asking her wether she would like to go
> onto Insulatard/Humalog MDI, but that this would be 'inconvenient' (read
> embarassing I think too) for her at during lunch time at school.  Hmmmm...
> Oh.... and she wanted to know all about the pump.
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