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Re: [IPk] Counting carbs

In message <email @ redacted>, Louis Anson
<email @ redacted> writes
>Do you calculate the carbs based on dry weight?  because it seems that most 
>of the 'counting' books calculate for cooked weight.

You can calculate carbs from cooked or uncooked weights of most
anything.  If you are cooking single portions, or portions which it is
easy to calculate what percentage of the total cooked you are eating
(i.e. something that comes in spoons or slices), then dry weight is the
most convenient to use, as you can use the cooking time to do the maths.

Most pasta packets have the dry weight CHO value on them:
E.g.  I have a packet of spaghetti, which has 68g CHO per 100g  I cook
150g of spaghetti (i.e. 68 + 34 = 102g CHO) and serve it with olive oil
and freshly chopped herbs (no CHO)  Between me and my husband, that's
51g CHO each. If this is lunch, my ratio is 1:10, so that is 5.1 units
of CHO.

I also have a packet of tortellini which will serve 2.  It has 250g
pasta in it, at 60.4% CHO.  So that's two sixties and a half a sixty,
plus two 0.4s plus 0.2 (this is how I think maths!) = 151g.  And I'll
put a jar of aubergine sauce with it that has 3.5g CHO in it, so
altogether I've  got about 155g CHO.  Which I will share with my
husband: that's 77g CHO each. If this is dinner (what a lot of pasta we
do eat!) then I do a more complicated sum, but it means a dual bolus of
4.6 now, and a further 2.3 over 3 hours.  (I'm still working out what
proportion I need to optimise this - I have the current guess on a

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, passionate about Italian food)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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