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Re: [IPk] Counting carbs

> Di,
> apologies for being rather dim here....
> For 100g cooked pasta, the literature tells me this has 25g
> carbohydrate (which I give 2.5u bolus for, 10:1 ratio...)
> Do you calculate the carbs based on dry weight?  because it seems
> that most of the 'counting' books calculate for cooked weight.
> Regards..... Louis
> (100g of dry pasta = 220g cooked pasta for me, so large difference)
> Hi Heather
> Well as far as I'm aware pasta doesn't gain or lose carbs when
> cooked. So just measure the amount od dry pasta and calculate the
> carbs. The weight of the pasta will be different after cooking, and
> the relative carb value will differ, but the absolute value will
> stay the same. Di

True, but you can't use wet weight reliably, you must measure wet by 
volume in order to get an accurate idea of the carb content. It's 
pretty constant from one kind of pasta to another so it works well.

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