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[IPk] Re: various lifespan of insulins


what should I say to my friends 14 year old sister - diagnosed a year ago , 
still in honeymoon phase, and on Mixtard/Insulatard/Actrapid mixture.  She 
tells me that the consultants keep asking her wether she would like to go 
onto Insulatard/Humalog MDI, but that this would be 'inconvenient' (read 
embarassing I think too) for her at during lunch time at school.  Hmmmm...

Oh.... and she wanted to know all about the pump.


'Unfortunately soime people would find 4 injections aborrhent and would
take to having to mix " clear" and "cloudy" in a syringe , Even if it
no flexibiliy and aborhent control. It is surprising that some people do
take so lttle interest. What is more surprising is they survive as long
they do'


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