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[IPk] Blood test preparation

Hello all,

how do the pumpers jury feels about washing hands/fingers in preparation for 
blood testing?.....

I take about 7 blood tests a day, and wash both my hands with soap before 
each one......
In addition I also wash my hands 2 times/day when inserting/taking out 
contact lenses, and an average of 3times after loo visits.

I also cook alot which involes handwashing, as well as using steroid creams 
which require washing my hands after as well.

Washing my hands frequentlly, it must seem like I have Obsessive-Compulsive 
Disorder to anyone else, and I am starting to use E45 as my hands dry out in 
the winter.

What do people do people on this list do in terms of washing their hands??  
I am loathe not too, in case of faulty readings (though crude research tells 
me that washing hands can make less difference to the reading than to 'peace 
of mind').  This is particularly difficult when my landlord decides that we 
are using too much hot water!

Do people have clever little disinfecting/cleaning techniques products?

Any comments much appreciated....

Louis Anson

(IDDM 10yrs, D-Tron 1 year)


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