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[IPk] Fluctuating BG's

1.7 without feeling hypo is amazing! (coming from the person who
has a blood sugar of 7 and is feeling desperately hypo! - thats what two
weeks of running at 20+ will do for you!)

Hi Caroline,

that's interesting that you feel hypo at 7 mmol.  I too feel hypo, sometimes 
at around 10 when my blood sugar is rapidly coming down (following taking a 
bolus to treat a high BG)

I feel a tingling in the end of my legs and arms when my blood sugar is 
decreasing rapidly.  This has been a common symptom since going on the pump, 
and therefore Humalog, last February (I was on evil Insulatard/Novorapid 
before where fluctuations were slower and hypos gave more warning).

When I moved onto Humalog three years ago, on MDI, I lost many hypo 
symptoms.  This might, in part, be due Humalog working quickly, and the body 
not having the time to respond with its warning mechanisms.

My consultant at Chelsea & West. confirmed that you can feel hypo when 
coming down from prolonged high BG's as the body has adjusted to *feeling* 


IDDM 10 years, Disetronic pump nearly 1 year


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