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[IPk] Re:

> This may be completely crazy but..
> Do you think it would be possible to almost produce a flyer that
> could be sent to hospitals who haven't yet taken on pumpers, briefly
> outlining what systems other successful hospitals have implemented,
> perhaps with a few comments from happy pumpers and if those
> hospitals like Bournemouth and Harrogate were willing perhaps with
> contact no.s on? Am I living in cloud cuckoo land and being far too
> naive? I just don't see how to spread the word amongst those teams
> that are reluctant.
That's a great idea. I'm sure you could steal text material from such 
successful centers as Joslin and Barbara Davis in the US. They'd 
probably be more than willing to provide you with their publications 
for that purpose. There are very vocal and supportive (pump) people 
working at both institutions and a good deal of publications 
available from them. Also see their respective web sites for pump 

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