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Re: [IPk] I'm connected!

Hi Pat

I've come to conclusion that changing the infusion set, reservoir and
everything else, including putting in the reservoir converter is a lot
easier to deal with when hypo!  I managed all this (except for the
converter) at the hospital on Tuesday with no problems at all.  However last
night I decided to quickly change everything before cooking dinner.  What
felt like hours later I was finally connected again.  Regarding the infusion
set, I placed last nights at a different angle and spent the rest of the
evening "playing" with it and was able to take it off, put the cap on, take
that off and then back on again with no problems at all.  I'm now looking
forward to Monday and am secretly wondering if I'll "miss" having all those
injections after so many years!

(IDDM 25y+ & soon to be a "real" pumper)

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From: "Pat Reynolds" <email @ redacted>

> Pat
> (who also was hypo on her first day of insulin in a pump - excitement!)
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