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Re: [IPk] Re: problems

> cope, but why so many people do manage very well - it must take huge
> amounts of self-control, and putting up with both restrictions and
> discomforts.
I hearso many people ranting on about how good MDI/ glargine are...
Do you think people on them routinley don't admit to having hypos?.../
hypers on a v. regular basis
or do their bodies really do what aventis ( glargine manufacturer),
consultants not really pro pump, and the NHS, would like them to?...

If pumps were universally available to those who could be classified as " a
lantus failure" eg daily hypos  even if recognised by the patient ( as the
proposed guidelines suggest), would more and more people come forward saying
they would like to try pump therapy?  and would they then be accused of
manipulating things or exaggerating so they could get a pump???
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