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> Michael,
> This was some time ago but I've just been sorting through. Excuse me
> for being dense but what calculation do you do for measuring by
> volume? I know the dry weight carbohydrate content and short of
> cooking my son's weighed pasta separately I'm confused....
> Heather
I look at the package and calculate the total carbs for the whole 
package, then measure the total volume of the pasta, rice, whatever 
that is cooked up and do the ratio for the portion served. I don't 
recall what it is for cooked pasta now (Lily's at college now 2 yrs) 
but it is relatively constant for most kinds after you measure a few 
(sort of like generic bread). Rice is similar. You have to decide if 
you want to measure the rice "fluffed" or "packed" to be consistent.

The volume measurements are much more consistent than weight because 
of the variability of water content in the cooked product and unless 
you want to weigh dry and cook only that portion to be eaten that 
needs carb counting, dry weight measurement is a hugh hassle (and 
doesn't work at resturants). Re: resturants, Lily now just eyeballs 
stuff, but before she got good at that, we'd just ask for an empty 
water glass -- usually they come in standard sizes 8,10,12 oz that 
are easily recognized -- same for tea/coffee cups usually 6 oz.


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> > > Hi
> > >
> > > I do try to weigh quite a bit of food but difficult to weigh say
> > > rice and pasta if I'm cooking for others as well.
> >
> >Rice and pasta can be measured by volume after cooking. this is more
> >accurate since the weight after cooking will vary greatly depending
> >on the water absorbed during the cooking process. All pasta is pretty
> >much the same as is all rice and cooked potatoes.
> >
> >Michael
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