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[IPk] Re: problems

Melissa wrote:
>I am 
>grateful that I started pumping so long ago that if anyone wants to
>on glargine he/she will have to pry my pump from my cold, dead hands!
me too! - to be parted from my pump would be a real tragedy for me -
and I don't write that flippantly - when I hear what some people are
going through to get a pump, I am delighted that I happened to move
away from the UK before developing diabetes!

>Seriously, I think glargine sounds all right for a middle-aged man
>predictable day job (i.e., no monthly hormone chaos and completely 
>eating/activity patterns), or maybe a retired, post-menopausal woman 
>no monthly hormone chaos and completely regular eating/activity 
I suppose at age nearly 54 and post-menopausal, I must qualify (sigh!)
as middle aged, though not retired (don't plan to retire for many years
- enjoy work too much). On behalf of the middle aged, let me tell you
that in the same way as diabetics who are not middle-aged should not be
expected not to have a life, those who are middle-aged should also not
be expected to forgo a life. 
Based on my experience, anyone who has a life might want to do normal
things and not always routine things like doing a big supermarket shop,
shop further afield for new clothes or furniture, clean the house,
redecorate a room, travel for work or pleasure, visit friends,
exercise, go out for hikes, to museums, feel happy or sad or excited
over events in the family or with friends, or any other normal
activities - anything like that can send one's blood sugar up or down,
and if you are dealing with long-acting insulins, potential disaster
lurks any minute. What is remarkable to me is not why some people don't
cope, but why so many people do manage very well - it must take huge
amounts of self-control, and putting up with both restrictions and

Like everyone else, I sympathize greatly with you, Caroline, and agree
with others who have written that they suspect that something very
basic was wrong for you with the pump, like the particular insulin or
the infusion sets you were using, or absorption in the area of the body
you were trying. I hope you recover now from the trauma of all this,
and that eventually when you feel ready, you will get another chance to
try and work it out. 


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