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Re: [IPk] Problems

Dear Heather,

Perhaps your meter takes long enough to do the measurement that people 
notice that you're looking at it, or your lancet pen makes a loudish click? 
I have a One Touch Ultra (note: not Pocketscan!) that takes 5 seconds and a 
pretty quiet B-D lancet pen I got at Boots a few months ago (my old one 
broke after 2 years). I have found that the less time a test takes, the less 
anyone thinks of my doing one. Also, if you have not tried the B-D lancets 
that come in teal plastic, I recommend them. If I set my lancet pen to the 
right depth, I just have to touch my finger to my mouth (sorry, must sound 
very 'Interview with the Vampire') after a test and no one can tell I've 
pricked myself. The lancet does it right the first time and the spot heals 
really fast.

I went out to dinner with my parents one night when I was home a few weeks 
ago. They asked me half-way through dinner if I thought I should do a test. 
I told them I had tested before we'd ordered drinks. They were surprised: 
'Oh, I didn't even notice!' Mom said, sitting less than 3 feet away. If 
someone (definitely not Mom!) at a table thinks I have caused a distraction, 
I am happy to explain why blood sugar testing is necessary and not at all 
unhygienic when it comes to their risk of catching anything from me ('cause 
I don't have any blood-borne diseases). When I encountered someone who had a 
serious reaction (vomiting) to the sight of a drop of blood (once in nearly 
10 years) I apologised and explained that I am used to no one noticing that 
I have tested.

Have courage. You didn't bring diabetes on yourself, and you do not owe the 
world an apology for your misguided auto-immune system. When people ask me 
questions about diabetes, the first point I make is that type 1 is an 
auto-immune disorder. Some have treated me with more compassion once I've 
mentioned that. Some folks out there have lived their whole lives thinking 
that type 1s simply ate too much sugar as children and so can be blamed for 
their 'condition'. Whatever!

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

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