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Re: [IPk] Fuming Argument because forgot to bolus

Hi Alison

I forget to bolus sometimes and to take my pills sometimes.  I have been 
sent to a phycologist to sort out my mental problem which is obviously 
causing this.  Unfortunately it does still  happen sometimes.  Sometimes I 
go shopping and forget to take my shopping list.  I suppose I didn't see the 
phycologist for long enough I only went for a few months.  Perhaps when I 
mention the shopping list they will refer me again.


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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Fuming Argument because forgot to bolus
>Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 00:33:17 +0000
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>Steven needs reminding and forgets to bolus very occasionally and I tell
>him off. At twelve years old he should be more responsible.
>We're all human and it sometimes happens although we know it shouldn't.
>Don't beat yourselves up over it.
>On a positive note..... it could be argued that diabetes care on a pump
>shows that the diabetes no longer completely takes over your life and
>that it is possible to forget about it occasionally!!
>Alison Orchard
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