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[IPk] Re: Pens for Lantus

Thanks for the comments regarding pens for Lantus. My DSN does indeed
believe that I shouldn't risk using everything different as I'm "in enough
of a mess already"! (not meant at all nastily!) I think that is probably
fair enough - BUT I just don't trust the Optipen, because you press the
button once and supposedly it injects all the insulin at once. This doesn't
allow any "feel" for what you are putting in, and I can't help feeling that
I'm not getting the right dose. I've heard a number ofstories in the last
couple of days about inaccurqaies and faults and I'm sure that if they do
occur the can't be helping Lantus to work well in those whom it might
otherwise do. What annos me is I can't see the point for the Hi-tech
approach the Optipen brings to insulin pens - at least we knew exactly what
the original Novopen did! (For anyone unfamiliar, the Optipen has a "digital
dosage indicator" which seems to be the root of the problems and makes the
pen exceedingly bulky as room is required for a battery)
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