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[IPk] Re: I'm Connected

>  apart from the fact that I couldn't have a shower this morning as I
couldn't put the cap on my Quick-Set!

Hi Karen,

I wouldn't worry to much about the cap on the Quick-Set. I almost never use
them now after discovering that the set is completely self sealing. When you
twist it to remove the pump, a plastic ring on the part that stays in you
turns and seals the whole set off. The cap is really just extra protection
and also smooths off the otherwise very rough set while you are
disconnected. If you want to convince yourself, just have a play with a set
after you have removed it from yourself, and you should be able to see what
I mean.

Getting Quick sets attached and disconnected can be tricky, but its usually
easier if you don't try to force them. Also, placing a thumb and finger
around the base can help, as it stops your skin twisting and providing extra

1.7 without feeling hypo is amazing! (coming from the person who currently
has a blood sugar of 7 and is feeling desperately hypo! - thats what two
weeks of running at 20+ will do for you!)

Take care

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