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Re: [IPk] basal rates and glargine

In a message dated 1/21/2003 11:13:41 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Do your team at Bournemouth see glargine as a pump alternative for everyone?
> I heard this from a GP with an interest in DM about 1 year ago. Someone was
> having nocturnal hypos on the pump but it was sorted on glargine. ?Well
> scuse me but if he was using the pump correctly he could have sorted it even
> better on the pump. Again, so what if pump avoids night hypos if BG is low
> throughout the aftenoon and high at other times?
Hi Abi, and all,

Not sure about the answer to the first question, but since (as you''ve 
gathered!) I was offered this, other pumpers probably have been too.  (At the 
time, I didn't feel able to criticise my really nice diabetologist. 
Especially as there was a SpR in the room - but maybe that's an even better 
time to introduce structured criticism/discussion.  Hmmm. But there's also an 
issue in that he doesn't deal with pumpers' basal rates etc, the specialist 
nurse - who I don't need to see - does...)  

I've had little contact with other pumpers attending RBH since Julette - very 
special specialist dietician - left (if there are any on this list, I'd love 
to hear from you).

Couldn't agree more with your other comments.  One of the benefits of the 
pump is that "can't take out what you've put in so you have to live with it" 
is minimalised. And as an ex-once daily lente user, in the 70s, c--p control, 
I don't see much difference with glargine if it doesn't match your basals...  
Informed ignorants, who know that basal rates exist but not a lot more, 
assume that pumpers have flat rates all the time, or for long periods, and 
that these are a permanent fixture.  

Shouldn't we educate them?

I suggested previously forming a group of pumpers who might attend or present 
at various diabetology-focused conferences - lay, nursing, medical - to try 
to get our views across.  You and I and other medics/nurses are in a good 
position, others have expressed interest, people like Di, Pat, elizabeth are 
or would I'm sure be great speakers.  Did someone mention a paper? - we have 
a large population of pumpers here who might be happy to provide info / 
answer questionnaires (would you, everyone?)  This sort of information is 
published regularly in major medical and nursing journals, and it doesn't 
have to have been published to be of interest to conference organisers.

IDDM 30 yr+, 508 2+
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