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Re: [IPk] I'm connected!

Hi Abigail

I do understand that a A1c of 7.1 is easy for some but I've been running a
LOT higher for quite some time now.  Another thing I wasn't very pleased
about was the fact that I had put on 4lbs in weight since the end of
November which I know can happen when you are better controlled but had
managed to forget!  Never mind, with a bit of luck I can get that sorted
when I'm up and running properly (??)

I didn't actually have any sarcastic remarks re the hypos, although my DSN
wasn't very pleased yesterday when she checked my BS before we started......
it was 1.7 and there am I sitting and acting normally with no signs of being
hypo at all!

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> Of course if they are a very generous, forward thinking PCT they may come
> with the revolutionary idea that very frequent hypos are an unreasonable
> burden on the patient
> Of course if they are exceptionally accepting ? gullible and believe you
> even though you are obviously telling lies because you have not collapesd/
> had a fit and ended up needing paramedics/ A and E, and anyway an A1c  of
> is EASY to achieve without hypos and it's all your own fault for not
> regularly and injecting a bolus then skipping a meal ( vbg)
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