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[IPk] I'm connected!

Hi All

Finally went and got connected yesterday (if only with saline until Monday).  All seems to be going well, although I don't want to speak to soon, apart from the fact that I couldn't have a shower this morning as I couldn't put the cap on my Quick-Set!  Two hours later and with the help of my 9YO daughter I finally managed to connected up again.  I've since tried again this evening (3 times!) and still haven't been able to do it myself.  I will NOT give up and it looks like this is my evening job.  I think the problem is that I've inserted it at an awkward angle which I'll have to remember when I change it tomorrow.  My DSN rang me this evening with a bit of bad(?) news.... my hbac she took yesterday was down to 7.1.  Not a good start when you're looking for your PCT to fund your pump!  It just goes to show how running for the last month almost constantly hypo can change things.

Oh Ian - I'm at Guy's at 10am on Monday so maybe out paths will cross.

Best wishes

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