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Re: [IPk] Pens for Lantus for Caroline B

When I started on Lantus I was given the coice of two pens, either the 
pre-filled type (Optiset) or a pen device, the Aventis Optipen. I chose the 
Optipen as I was used to putting my own vials in and it seemed stronger and 
easier to hold than the pre-filled sets. But I ran into problems with this. 
It didnt seem to deliver the correct dose each evening. Sometimes it would, 
other times i couldnt be sure. I tried a new Optipen, same problem. So, I 
took it to the DSN I was seeing and we had a good look at it. Turned out that 
the way I was holding it, (I inject the Lantus in my btm)!, I was placing my 
hand over the small, grey, inset button thingy on the side of the pen. This 
was causing it to not deliver the correct dosage! The DSN was seeing the rep 
so she was going to ask her about this.  I now use the pre-filled Optiset. 
But personally, especially as I can't deliver one unit increments with these, 
I'd rather have a pen device I can fill myself. I was only offered the two 
choices, other than the pen for the Novorapid and I don't want to use the 
same pen type as I've got confused and mixed them up in the past. 
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