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Re: [IPk] Lantus

Just out of interest...
I have a friend in the US (where it seems that pumps are far more widely used 
than many other countries). Her young son, aged 8, has had DM type 1 since 
4YO. She was told they would put him on a pump as it was the 'next step' in 
his care and most kids seem to go onto a pump at his age. But when she went, 
all ready to get fitted up with a pump (as she had been told it would be 
happening at her appt and she had been told to tell her son) they told her 
they thought glargine was a better idea, twice a day, and novorapid in 
between as this had been proven to work as good as, if not better than the 
pump, and with less stress to the child! The centre she went to was 
aUniversity centre, supposedly with great experience with diabetes. She was 
full of the wonderful things the diabetologist had told her about glargine 
and wanted me to back that up. Put me in a diffucult position! I just told 
her it wasn't working as well for me as I had hoped(!) I asked her if she 
thought it had improved his control any. Her answer...not yet. Sound 
Are these centres getting backhanders off the Glargine manufacturers by any 
chance?! (Sorry about that)!
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