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RE: [IPk] Lantus


I still frequent a US childrens diabetes  list, and it seems to me that a lot of the parents only
consider Lantus as being better that NPH or Lente but certainly not instead of a pump.    Many it seem
use Lantus while they are waiting approval for insurers for the funding for a pump, or because their
particular Endo likes children to be older to pump.  Some obviously dont want to pump anyway ( or their
kids dont) and are happy to stick with Lantus or other insulins.


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> + I wonder if glargine is seen as such a wonderful development in countries
> where pumps are widely used and funded
> perhaps there will be a tendency to reduce funding and switch people to
> glargine
> and fine if it works ( similar basal requirments throughout day or easily
> mimicked by injecting short acting)
> or do docs in Europe have a better acceptance of diabetics not necessarily
> being awkward when things don't work, and a better understanding of true
> physiology, whereeas we pumpers here are unreasonable, demanding , non
> compliant, neurotic, malingerers etc
> At least the D nurse in my local clinic at the moment can see why pumps are
> superior. She is of the belief where pumper= obviously deserving of pump
> becasue they put in a lot of effort, but I wonder if she would be quite as
> sympathetic to a potential pumper with probs on MDI who could not afford a
> pump
> Glargine is a mixed blessing isn't it. I'm glad it seems to have
> revolutionised some peoples control but it's also another tool to beat
> someone up with if still not doing well, and an excuse to deny a pump
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