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Re: [IPk] Lantus

+ I wonder if glargine is seen as such a wonderful development in countries
where pumps are widely used and funded
perhaps there will be a tendency to reduce funding and switch people to
and fine if it works ( similar basal requirments throughout day or easily
mimicked by injecting short acting)
or do docs in Europe have a better acceptance of diabetics not necessarily
being awkward when things don't work, and a better understanding of true
physiology, whereeas we pumpers here are unreasonable, demanding , non
compliant, neurotic, malingerers etc
At least the D nurse in my local clinic at the moment can see why pumps are
superior. She is of the belief where pumper= obviously deserving of pump
becasue they put in a lot of effort, but I wonder if she would be quite as
sympathetic to a potential pumper with probs on MDI who could not afford a

Glargine is a mixed blessing isn't it. I'm glad it seems to have
revolutionised some peoples control but it's also another tool to beat
someone up with if still not doing well, and an excuse to deny a pump
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