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RE: [IPk] Lantus

I've heard that Lantus doesn't always last 24 hours, and for that reason
it's often best taken twice a day. And it mustn't be mixed with other
insulins, as this interferes with its spreading out under the skin, and you
lose control of its delayed action. (Pat - I've no idea if this is
predictable or not. Best to assume it's unpredictable)

I've never used Lantus - but I went back onto straight injections last
September for 4 weeks when I was in hospital (not for diabetes reasons).
There was a specialist diabetes centre next door to my rehab clinic that
had good experience of pump use - and when I went back onto a pump, they
rejigged my basal rates several times, targetting my dawn increase quite
carefully. I go to bed on 0.8, rising to 1.2 at 4am, falling back to 1.0 by
8am, and falling to 0.4 at 2pm. And it was great - it all worked really

The thing is, you can't reproduce a variable basal rate with any certainty
using a pre-formulated insulin - like Lantus, or Insulatard or NPH or
whatever. If Lantus happens to match your basal requirements, that's great.
But what do you do a month later when things need changing? Or, heaven
forbid, you are a fertile woman with menstruation to worry about???

Just my thoughts...


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