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Re: [IPk] Re: Problems


Re the part of your message I've quoted below, have you complained 
vehemently to the tutor's head of department? No tutor should EVER put you 
in tears, especially in public, and more especially about your health. As 
far as I'm concerned, you've received verbal abuse bordering on 
discrimination. Shouting at you was not going to do any positive things for 
your adrenaline levels, either--something else he should have known. If this 
man isn't stopped now, what's to keep him refusing someone with asthma 
access to an inhaler? (Don't say being a medic; he certainly didn't want you 
to need your insulin recently!).

If he's your tutor and you're his student, you're helping pay his salary and 
it's his job to look out for your best interests, not to give you hell. I'm 
glad you lost it in front of him. He needed to see that he upset you. He 
might have thought you weren't listening if you had been more composed. If 
he's proud of himself for upsetting you, though, that would indicate to me a 
power problem on his part. I don't know him to say what his motivation for 
yelling at you might have been; all I know is that he was way out of line.

If I heard ANYTHING like what you've told me from someone in Oxford who 
happened to be doing clinical work in any hospital anywhere, I would be on 
the phone to so many levels of administration so fast the offending tutor 
wouldn't know what hit him for days. If you haven't already, e-mail the 
welfare rep for your student union, the disabilities rep (if you have one), 
the person you deal with in the hospital for personnel matters (if you have 
one), your actual supervisor/personal tutor, and the head of department to 
request meetings. People need to be held accountable for their behaviour or 
they'll never think twice.

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; in higher education 7+ years; 
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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Also very true. Without wishing to go in to too many gory details, I've been
onn the receiving end of an awful lot of twaddle from clinical tutors in
college of late (people who should definitely know better). The worst one
was a tutor who started shouting at me in the middle of a clinic when I
explained I wasn't feeling well and needed to leave (I had a suger of 33!)
and claiming that it was irresponsible and unprofessional to be ill, I
obviously couldn't look after myself, I obviously wasn't taking any insulin,
my consultant and DSN obviously didn't know how to do their job etc etc.
Feeling as ill as I did, instead of reacting calmly or making any sensible
come backs, I burst into tears. Attitudes like this, that are unfortunately
all too common for me right now, is one of the main reasons I have been
driven to this whole failure frame of mind. I think I've shifted it now
though, partly due to this list, so thank you everyone.

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