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Re: [IPk] basal rates and glargine

> Isn't this part of the general lack of understanding of basal rate needs
> many diabetologists including, I'm afraid to say, those experienced with
> use in their departments?

Yes it makes my blood boil too. if the treatment prescribed for almost any
other illness fails then it is not the patients fault

Do your team at Bournemouth see glargine as a pump alternative for everyone?
I heard this from a GP with an interest in DM about 1 year ago. Someone was
having nocturnal hypos on the pump but it was sorted on glargine. ?Well
scuse me but if he was using the pump correctly he could have sorted it even
better on the pump. Again, so what if pump avoids night hypos if BG is low
throughout the aftenoon and high at other times?
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