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Re: [IPk] Lantus

> Hi Helen,
> I've thought about a DIY way to mimic the variety of basal rates on
> a pump. Of course, it would require 3 injections that the tissue
> damage is still an issue, but if there were a way to minimise the
> scarring, it would be cool to experiment with a weird regimen
> involving several different insulins, so that: c. 8 a.m. Humalog to
> cover food + Regular to pretend to be basal Lunch: Humalog to cover
> food + Regular to pretend to be basal c. 5 p.m.: Regular to pretend
> to be basal + Lantus so that it can start its 6-hour 'warm-up' c. 7
> p.m. (i.e., dinner): Humalog to cover food; 5 p.m. Regular still
> acting like basal c. 11 p.m.: the Lantus has finished its 6-hour
> 'warm-up' and will work through the night. --sleep-- c. 8 a.m.
> Humalog + Regular &etc.
> What do y'all think? I don't remember any stone tablets that said we
> needed to be on a maximum of 2 insulins (any 2, but only 2) or that
> it would be a sin to combine very fast and
> not-so-fast-but-*not-long-acting* insulins in the same syringe.

Yeah, it's a sin to combine Lantus with anything, the others are ok.

Michael (who read it somewhere??)
email @ redacted
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