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Re: [IPk] Lantus

Does Lantus run for exactly 24 hrs for you - or can you have a 'low'
period (or, alternately, a 'high' period?)

Could you try moving the lantus shot back three hours, and seeing if
that makes a difference?  You don't _need_ the evening meal to overlap
with the glargine shot - you can just take more H for dinner.  If you
find it does have a long 'peak' (e.g. 8pm - 2am at the moment), you
could try and get that long peak from 8am-2pm - although that might, of
course, mean you have to set your alarm and inject at 2am or something.

Two or three mini-shots of h might cover the late morning problem (you
will be told off for using micro shots of H to get the basal profile you
need, if your doctors are like mine - stuff 'em, it's your body, and a
few hundred thousand injections with a very fine needle has minimal
impact compared to a few years of running high).

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>Hi Melissa..
>This is exactly what I've been trying to tell the diabetes team that I see 
>now. OK, I may be classed as post menopausal...having had a hysterectomy when 
>I was 29, but my life is most definitely not regular and stable! No two days 
>are the same and my diet is therefore varied according to this. I work 
>evenings, 5pm until 7pm, occasionally days too. My E Meal is around 8 - 
>8.30pm, so that tends to overlap with my glargine shot. They told me to have 
>a supper snack before bed to try and avert the early hours lows I was 
>experiencing...but with the e meal being so late (and I do need novorapid 
>with this) I certainly don't feel like eating again before bed ! eating 
>before 5 is not possible.  If I cut the glargine I end up high all day or if 
>I use less novorapid at the e meal I end up high before bed and feel lousy 
>for some time due to this, although it does settle on its own but will take a 
>long time to do that.I do get the mid morning rise regardless of how much 
>novorapid I use at breakfast. Over the yrs, different docs have tried 
>different methods to try and deal with this or stop it happening, but even on 
>glargine it goes on. I do feel I would benefit from a pump, but, as I say, 
>our PCT is so dead against them I don't see it happening regardless of the 
>NICE report.
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