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[IPk] Hormone Hassles

After two years on a pump (and 35 years of diabetes) I've finally worked out 
why no matter how hard I try I never manage decent control. Hormones!! Each 
month is different from the last, which makes it really tricky. I tried 
keeping a daily diary over a three month period, and although this helps me a 
bit I still can't predict where I am and when I next need to 
increase/decrease my basals. I need to change the basal rates very frequently 
(not at all confined to the last week) and it is very much trial and error. 
Bolus ratios are also affected.

It occurs to me that if I could track what my hormones were doing day by day 
I would have a real chance of getting decent control. As ever, I've had no 
help whatsoever from the medical profession, so thought I'd ask fellow 
pumpers for ideas. Dreaming I know, but a simple home test which could track 
hormone levels would help no end.


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