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Re: [IPk] Lantus

> 'Nooooo', the doctor says, 'You are obviously a BAD person or your insulin
> would work. If you weren't so EVIL--if you didn't tell LIES--maybe your
> blood sugars would be PERFECT, but you insist on doing silly things like
> working for a living, having a family, and exercising (nevermind I told
> to exercise and you know you feel better when you do...oh well, your
> has to be your *fault* at some level, doesn't it?). Now, speaking of LIES:
> your "frequent hypos". How could your HbA1c be over 8% if you EVER had a
> hypo?! You don't even know what a hypo is because you are BAD and you have
> high blood sugars.'
> I am sure there are many well-meaning physicians in the UK who actually
> and are willing to be educated, but from what I've seen on this listserv
> they must be few and far between.
I do believe this is true to an extent Melissa/ i have never had a doctor be
downright nasty to me, but I had hypos dissmissed when a student. ie
mentioned I was having them and virtually no acknowledgment
also bad control attributed to irregular hours. never in a downright nasty
way or expecting me to give up way but just as matter of fact
I have heard plenty of horror stories. And of course having bad control does
weaken the spirit so you are less likely to be assertive back and more
likely to burst into tears and  be accused of being depressive, poor coper,
low intelligence, weak will power etc.. The first thing a newly diagnosed
type 1 ought to recieve is not insulin and fluids but a big never ending
longlife supply of assertiveness, self esteem and determination to control
DM AND have a life. and DEMAND proper treatment and not to feel
innapropriate guilt if bad control due to lack of
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