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[IPk] Lantus

All I have to say about glargine, seemingly the next big panacea for type 1 
(if you ask the NHS), is that it makes me very nervous. For 6+ years I have 
had at least 4 basal profiles at any given time. Sometimes the difference 
between the greatest and least of them is .4u/hour...which makes a BIG 
difference! I can adjust a 6-hour basal profile by .1u/hour and see a 
dramatic difference in my bg. I dunno exactly how such a small adjustment 
can have such a drastic effect, but it does.

I used to wish that Humalog had been available when I started pumping so 
that I wouldn't have had to use Buffered Regular for a couple of years (not 
that BR was terrible at all, but Humalog is way cooler in a pump). Now I am 
grateful that I started pumping so long ago that if anyone wants to put me 
on glargine he/she will have to pry my pump from my cold, dead hands!

Seriously, I think glargine sounds all right for a middle-aged man with a 
predictable day job (i.e., no monthly hormone chaos and completely regular 
eating/activity patterns), or maybe a retired, post-menopausal woman (i.e., 
no monthly hormone chaos and completely regular eating/activity patterns). 
But if faced with anyone who does/eats different things on a daily basis or 
has an operational menstrual cycle, I'd be REALLY careful with Lantus.

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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