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Re: [IPk] Attitudes of Health professionals RE funding

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From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
> The 'hospitalized' by hypers/hypos is probably putting it a bit
> strongly.  but what's to stop someone dialling 999 every time they get
> above 20 or below 2?
Well, yes
especially if accused of lying about hypos or being treated ina dissmissive
fashion when you are experiencing them!
I do hope that consultants all start to realise that a person with DM
deserves good control and a life and that even if glargine doesn't work it
may not be the persons fault. I spoke to a D nurse from another hospital
recently and she was singing it's praises, saying what a fantastic thing it
is etc. You cannot get through to some people that you need differing basals
at different times. Or they say " you just give boluses of novorapid" are
they suggesting that if you have a dusk phenom,enon you have to inject and
eat by 5 or 6 pm , or are they actually being sensible and talking about
extra shots round the clock to top up the basal? Trouble is you can't remove
some of the glargine from your system when more sensitive to insulin !
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