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Re: [IPk] Problems

I'm so sorry, I don't know what to say
It is grossly unfair
Have you been in DKA again or just heading that way?
Did you have a period of stability, improved A1c less hypos etc on the
pump?I wonder whether there is underlying infection or other endocrine
disorder causing this instability. Could you just be resistant to the
insulin you are using in the pump, or have you built up a lot of scar
I don't blame you for having had a gut ful. It's a shame you can't have a
temporary rest, or come to think of it a comlete cure
> I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this, but I really don't want to
> "do" diabetes anymore. I just feel as though I can't do it. I try hard and
> have a ludicrous lack of control. That makes me wonder what the point of
> the effort is. Sorry for the negativity, but I'm fed up and feel so
> that right now I can't help it.
> I've heard others sy they hate the optipen. Can't you use an ordinary
been given. The
> cartridge *seems* to fit my Humapen (Lilly) but I'm not sure whether to
> trust it. Anyone used glargine in anything other than an OptiPen?
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