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[IPk] Problems

Hi all,

This is a highly negative message, and I apologise for that. Toady I was
officially disconnected, because despite the best efforts of myself and my
diabetes team, including last weekend spent in hospital and many hours in my
diabetes centre, we have been completely unable to gain any sort of
reasonable control over my diabetes. (Average blood sugar in last two weeks
is around 20) I think disconnection is probably for the best as I've become
so disillusioned with the lack of control, and the fact that doses of up to
30 units of humalog  at at time are having little impact (30 units would
probably normally kill me), that I've become disillusioned with diabetes
full stop and I suppose I'm not really up for paying the attention required.
The reason for coming off the pump is to try and get me stabilised, without
sending me back into DKA.

Some of you may recall that this is not the first time that this has
happened to me. What I was really wondering is does this happen to anyone
else? I've been running basals at up to 5 times the normal levels and taking
regular (2 hourly) large boluses of humalog, and still had high sugars.
Surely this can't be normal?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this, but I really don't want to
"do" diabetes anymore. I just feel as though I can't do it. I try hard and
have a ludicrous lack of control. That makes me wonder what the point of all
the effort is. Sorry for the negativity, but I'm fed up and feel so rubbish,
that right now I can't help it.

IDDM 19+ years Pumper 9 months (but not right now!)

P.S I'm now using Glargine, and I hate the pen I've been given. The
cartridge *seems* to fit my Humapen (Lilly) but I'm not sure whether to
trust it. Anyone used glargine in anything other than an OptiPen?
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