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Re: [IPk] Re: Pumpers at Guys

Hi All Guyers (???)

I'm not sure as yet what time I'll be at Guys on the 27th but will be able
to let you know after seeing Julia to get my pump tomorrow.  Hopefully I can
arrange things so that we could meet at around lunchtime(ish) as it's a bit
tricky in the evening with childcare.  It would be good to meet then as I'll
finally be connected up properly.

Best wishes


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> Dear (what are we - Guyers?)
> I _might_ be in London on the 27th for a working lunch (so mid-morning,
> or 'after work' would work for me (if the London meeting happens - if it
> doesn't, I've to be in Guildford).
> Best wishes to all,
> Pat
> (just back from Rome, and forgot to send up messages before I went).
> In message <email @ redacted>, Ian Grant
> <email @ redacted> writes
> >It would appear that four of us (Pat, Bev, Karen and me) are at Guys and
> >willing to meet up.I assume there are others. Karen - I am also there on
> >27th Jan, seeing John Pickup at 9.20. My last visit was extended by the
> >presence of the TV crew and the meaningful discussion about my socks!!
> >Anyway - if we are going to get together we need to agree a venue
> >near Guys? I would suggest George Inn, 77 Borough High Street - It is the
> >National Trust Pub in a Courtyard at the back of the hospital. When I
> >started on the pump Dr Martin Wiseman from Guys used it as a venue to do
> >experiment as to how much insulin was needed for a serious beer drinking
> >session. I also used to meet the late Jeremy Grainger in there ).
> >Time - as I work in London, evening after work would suit me, but how is
> >that for others? Is weekend better?
> >We will never please everyone so this is a starter suggestion!! Please
> >other suggestions and see if we can reach a consensus.
> >
> >Ian Grant.
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