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Re: [IPk] Fuming Argument because forgot to bolus

Hi Barbara
It's a difficult one, isn't it? I am sure that other parents can answer this
one better, but it's not easy. You don't want it to seem like both of you
are checking up on Danielle (and each other) all the time, but you want to
make sure that mistakes like this don't happen again. I don't remember
exactly how old Danielle is, but I would have thought that it is equally her
fault for not asking how much to bolus! She must know by now that she needs
to bolus when she eats, except under particular circumstances, and I think
perhaps the onus should be put more on her to ask you or your husband.
Perhaps - if you don't already do this - you could also make a routine of
telling her the bolus at a particular time, e.g. just as she's about to eat.
That way if she forgets to ask or you or your husband forget to tell her
then there's more chance of someone else remembering.

I have to say that if it's a dish you've cooked, you're far more likely to
be able to count the carbs in it accurately since you know what you put in
it! Of course that doesn't prevent your husband checking though.....

Can't really say more without knowing how you run your lives and how you
split up care for Danielle. Don't forget though that probably every one of
us has forgotten our own insulin at some point, or messed up with the dose!
Mistakes do happen....

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> Hello everyone
> Just thought I would tell you that my husband and I have just had a
> heated argument just because I found out just now that Danielle hadn't
> her bolus.
> We never argue but tonight I made the meal and totted it all up in my head
> Danielle was eating hers.  I forgot to tell her the total.  One and a half
> hours later I said "Danielle, how much did you bolus?" and she said
> because you didn't tell me".
> Well, I asked my husband why he hadn't checked.  He said "You make the
> and you do the bolus".  I flipped!
> How can I put something into practice to prevent this in the future
because I
> feel it should be shared.
> Barbara
> (a bit miserable at the moment)
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